Beauty focused Make-Up Artist in the heart of Wales.

Born in Shropshire and now located in Powys, Sarah is an experienced Professional Make-Up Artist having worked in the wedding industry for 7 years. Sarah worked as a Secondary School teacher for many years and that desire to “educate” has continued into her make-up profession where she now works closely with clients to give personalised make-up lessons. So many women feel totally out of their depth with make-up that it becomes all too overwhelming and they either opt for the same routine they’ve had since they were 18 or they don’t wear any make-up as they just don’t know where to start! Sound familiar? 

Sarah’s vision with lessons is to not only provide you with personalised, simplified make-up advice and tricks but hope that in doing so you feel empowered by make-up and when you choose to wear it, you feel pretty darn fabulous!!

Sarah offers “Beauty Focused” natural makeup for Brides and 1:2:1 clients. Natural isn’t necessarily synonymous with minimal but it means attention is drawn to your favourite features and highlights your true beauty; nothing wrong with a little colour correction here and there but you should still look like YOU!

Sarah covers all of Wales the West Midlands and beyond, please get in touch via the Contact Page for further details and to discuss bookings and price packages.

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